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Sanitation At Public Restaurants And Eateries

How few folks ever bother Michael Kors handbag outlet to inquire! The lunch room looks attractive. It is convenient to business or shopping district. replica cheap Michael Kors The food there always tastes good. And what else could you want? But behind the swinging door where the chef prepares the food and the waiters collect it replica michael kors on their trays may lurk the friends of disease or enemies of health.

We are told that 75 million meals are eaten out of the home in the United States every day. To protect the health of their patrons proprietors should be forced to live up to every letter of the sanitary laws.

Did discount michael kors you ever stop to think how many persons and who drank from the same glass and ate with the same fork and spoon cheap replica michael kors that you use? If these articles are thoroughly sterilized in boiling water you need have no fears, and in a 100% sanitary kitchen they will be. The sterilizing of the articles we put to our mouths is very important, for they can carry germs that, although they cannot be seen, are very dangerous.

Are the garbage cans left uncovered michael kors cheap where flies and other disease carrying insects can feast? Are the windows and doors of the kitchen screened? Are the pies, cakes and cookies left uncovered or are they protected from stray sneezes and coughs by glass cases? How modern and adequate is the plumbing system?

True, we should be critical about the sterilizing of serving articles and the physical condition of t h e kitchen but we ever stop to ask what is the health condition of the men and women behind the doors who handle and serve our food? Every employe should be required to present a health examination certificate from a doctor stating that he or she is in perfect health.

Food handlers are often carriers cheap Michael Kors of typhoid fever. Such cheap michael kors handbags an examination should also rule out tuberculosis, venereal and skin diseases. Only by demanding a health examination of each employee can the restaurant proprietor be sure he cheap Michael Kors is safeguarding the health of those who eat at his tables. Certain standards of personal cleanliness and habits should be demanded of them. The proprietor who insists upon personal cleanliness among his employes will provide for them a lavatory with plenty of hot cheap michael kors purses water, soap and towels.Articles Connexes:

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