AC Technician Job In Dubai UAE

Air conditioning (AC) is a necessity in the UAE due to the high temperatures present throughout the year, this is why a high demand for air conditioner (AC) technician exists in the UAE, creating many job openings in this area. This article will give an overview of the role of an AC technician in the UAE. It will cover the requirements, duties and advantages of the job. It will also explain how to become an AC technician in this region.

AC Technician Job Details

Company NameNewbai
LocationDubai, UAE
Experience2 years in similar field
Job RequirementRead below

Air Conditioning Job Requirements

In order to pursue a career as an AC Technician in the UAE, meeting certain criteria is necessary.

A high school diploma or equivalent is the minimum requirement; however, some employers may prefer candidates who possess a technical diploma in HVAC or a relevant field.

Experience is an essential requirement when applying for AC technician job in the UAE. Candidates should possess at least 2-3 years of experience in the installation, repair and maintenance of several AC systems, for example split AC, window AC, central AC among others.


Responsibilities Of AC Technician Job

  • They would be responsible of verifying that the air conditioner units are installed correctly and all wiring and air ducts are connected properly.
  • Maximizing performance of AC systems necessitates regular servicing. AC technician job holders should carry out maintenance services including cleaning filters, examining refrigerant levels and inspecting electrical components.
  • The technician’s job when an AC system breaks down is to identify and fix the issue. This may involve replacing parts, refill refrigerants or fix any electrical issues.
  • AC technicians must be proficient in conversing with clients and providing them with precise details on the setup, upkeep and fixing of their AC systems.

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