Compliance Officer Job In Qatar

A Compliance Officer is a professional responsible for ensuring that a company adheres to legal and regulatory standards. They play a crucial role in preventing and detecting compliance violations within an organization.

Compliance Officer Details

Company NameArab Bank
LocationDoha, Qatar
EducationGraduate Degree
Experience0-3 years min
Job RequirementsRead below
SalaryNot disclosed


Compliance officers are tasked with creating and implementing policies, procedures, and training programs that promote ethical and lawful behavior within a company. They must also monitor and report on compliance activities, assess the effectiveness of current compliance measures, and recommend changes to ensure that the company remains in compliance with laws and regulations.

The compliance officer must have a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations that apply to the company, including anti-bribery, anti-money laundering, data protection, and environmental regulations. They must be able to assess the risk of compliance violations and develop strategies to mitigate those risks.

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A key aspect of a compliance officer’s role is to provide advice and guidance to other employees within the company. This may involve training programs, one-on-one consultations, or written materials that explain the company’s compliance policies and procedures. The compliance officer must also respond to questions and concerns from employees and help to resolve compliance-related issues that may arise.

In addition to ensuring that the company is in compliance with laws and regulations, a compliance officer must also be able to detect and respond to potential compliance violations. This may involve conducting internal investigations, working with law enforcement, or taking disciplinary action against employees who violate compliance policies.

Job Requirements

Nationality: Qatari

Education: Candidates should have a degree from a recognized university for an advanced/ graduate degree.

Experience: At least three years of compliance experience with a leading regional or international institution.


  • Fluent in both English and your native language
  • Strong analytical skills are required in this position
  • Good presentation, communication and interpersonal skills are essential for effective teamwork
  • Excellent understanding of local regulations and compliance practices

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