Criminal Lawyer Job In Australia

Criminal defense lawyers alternatively known as criminal lawyers or defense attorneys are law professionals specialized in defending individuals accused of having committed offenses. Criminal lawyer job holders guarantee their clients to have a fair trial and representation in all given litigations.

They are fundamental to the Australian legal system, giving expert counseling and representation to people charged with criminal offenses. This piece uncovers the constantly changing world of criminal lawyer jobs in Australia, examining the duties, credentials, and the varying nature of this tough occupation.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Job Description

Company NameKate Freshwater Lawyers
LocationVictoria, Australia
EducationPAE (2 years)
ExperiencePrevious experience in Legal centre
Job RequirementRead below
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  • The role of criminal defense attorneys is defending their clients in the court by presenting arguments, cross-examining witnesses, and protecting their rights.
  • Through a meticulous investigation, they examine the facts of the case, the evidence, and the applicable laws to develop a strong defense strategy on behalf of their clients.
  • Criminal lawyers keep the lines of communication open with their clients, explaining legal options, considering possible outcomes and dealing with client’s concerns during the legal process.
  • Criminal defense lawyers frequently negotiate with the prosecutors to obtain some plea bargains or lowered charges for their clients.


Required Qualifications For This Criminal Lawyer Job

  • Undergo practical legal studies training and be admitted to the bar of the relevant state or territory.
  • Practical experience should be gained through internships or clerkships with law firms, courts, or legal services.
  • Broadcast your interest in criminal law in a more specific direction though relevant courses or postgraduate studies.

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