Egg Picker Job In Australia

The poultry sector in Australia performs a vital function by ensuring the steady provision of fresh and healthy eggs to customers throughout the country. In the background, there exist committed personnel recognized as egg picker who strive assiduously to guarantee the streamlined acquisition and management of eggs.

This piece uncovers the essentiality of egg pickers in Australia’s poultry field. It emphasizes their significant function in upholding the excellence and credibility of egg products.

Egg Picker Job Details

Company NameFree Range Egg Farms
LocationWallerawang, NSW, Australia
EducationNot required
Job RequirementRead below


The task of egg gathering is assigned to egg pickers, who are tasked with retrieving eggs from poultry farms. They closely coordinate with farm managers and poultry handlers to guarantee the timely and efficient collection of eggs, while strictly adhering to the highest standards of hygiene.

The primary responsibilities of egg picker job are as follows:

  • One of the fundamental duties of an egg picker is to meticulously inspect and evaluate the quality of every egg.
  • They scrutinize the shells for any blemishes or cracks and dispose off any eggs that are defective or unsuitable for consumption. This vital process guarantees that only wholesome, unbroken eggs are delivered to customers.
  • Their responsibility is to guarantee the transfer of eggs to suitable containers or trays, which are subsequently labeled and stored accurately.
  • They carefully and thoroughly cleanse and disinfect the locations where eggs are gathered, making certain that all surfaces and tools are devoid of any impurities that could impact the eggs purity.
  • They strictly follow protocols and procedures to minimize the probability of bacterial contamination and uphold top-notch standards of food safety.


Requirements Of Egg Picker Position

  • Exceptional organizational abilities are a prerequisite for egg collectors to effectively gather and manage a significant amount of eggs.
  • Individuals need to be in a great physical shape and health as this egg picker position can be physically demanding.
  • Having a comprehensive knowledge of food safety rules and customs is crucial for individuals working as egg pickers.

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