Electrical Technician Job In Toronto

Not only is the city that is Toronto the center of Canada but also a business center for factories such as the electric sectors. Technology is moving on day by day leading to the need for professionals such as electrical technician. For those interested in this fast paced industry in Toronto, the following is an in depth analysis of what the job landscape looks like and its requirements/duties.

Electrical Technician Jobs Description

Company NameGrizzly Construction Ontario Inc.
LocationNorth York, Ontario, Canada
ExperienceWorked as a technician before
Job RequirementRead below
Electrical Technician Salary$31/hour
Read everything carefully before applying for the job


  • Set, fix, and keep basic electric systems, wiring, machinery, and light fitting in accordance with the laid down regional codes and safety measures.
  • Find and repair electrical problems by using test equipment and diagnosis tools to locate faults and apply proper fixes.
  • Conduct periodic testing and inspection of electrical systems for the detection of any hazards, inefficiencies or improvement areas.
  • Provide renewals and changes to existing electrical systems to enhance performance, integrate new technology, or fulfilling new mandates.
  • Communicate well with the customers, keeping them informed on the status of the project, explaining technical aspects, and addressing any issues or queries they may have.
  • Electrical technician has to remain flexible to technological innovations and sectoral updates, modernizing knowledge and competencies to remain successful in the dynamic field.


Requirements Of Electrical Technician Job

For success in Toronto, a prospective electrical technician must have both theoretical and practical skills. Usually, a degree in electrical engineering or a electrical technician course is required. Also, there may be need of certifications and licenses based on the sector and position.

The technical skills like the knowledge of electric code, reading, and understanding blueprints, and interest in using the testing equipment are sought after skills. As the industry is continuously changing, adaptability and the ability to solve problems must also be taken into account.

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