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When considering important laborers, we typically immediately associate them with medical providers, emergency personnel, and other brave individuals on the front line of service. Yet, there is another set of committed people who operate silently, but are crucial in ensuring the seamless functioning of our societies and those individuals are janitors. In Canada, the unsung heroes in our schools, hospitals, public spaces and offices are the janitor job holders who work tirelessly, ensuring that the premises remain clean, hygienic and secure. In this write up, we explore the significance of janitors in Canada and how to get employed as one.

Company NameMatrix Camps and Logistics
LocationStewart, British Columbia, Canada
ExperienceWorked minimum of 2 seasons before
Job RequirementRead below
Read everything carefully below before applying for the job

Duties Of Janitor Job

  • Candidates applying for janitor job would be responsible for creating a comprehensive list of all cleaning materials and paper products that are relevant to the maintenance and upkeep of the office, as well as the shower and toilet facilities.
  • They execute duties in compliance with secure working protocols and secure job procedures.
  • Promptly reporting all occurrences of incidents and accidents.
  • It is essential to maintain proper cleaning and organization of the workspace consistently. Moreover, it is also crucial to attend daily Toolbox meetings and record the day’s activities in the daily logbook.
  • The sanitation and cleansing of all restrooms and bathing areas should be executed thoroughly.
  • Perform laundry duties for bed linens as necessary, including washing, drying or replacing.
  • Dispose of all refuse by transporting it to the designated waste disposal area also falls under the responsibilities of a janitor job.
  • Perform sanitation duties in public areas within workplace premises, such as the television lounge, dining area, laundry area, and recreational space.
  • Perform basic carpentry tasks as necessary and carry out cooking responsibilities as directed by the head chef.



  • The ideal candidate for this janitor job should possess strong collaborative abilities, excellent communication skills, and a heightened awareness of safety.
  • Possessing a valid Class 5 driver’s license and a clean driving record is required.
  • Possessing previous knowledge and expertise in plumbing and electrical work would be advantageous.
  • Should be legally allowed to work in Canada.

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