Office Cleaners In Melbourne Australia Job

Details of this office cleaners in Melbourne job

Company NameWhistle Clean Australia
LocationMelbourne, Australia
Experience1 year in cleaning
Job RequirementAustralian work authorization is required

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Office Cleaners Responsibilities

An office cleaner is responsible for maintaining a clean, organized, and safe work environment in an office setting. This typically involves tasks such as dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, emptying trash bins, and cleaning restrooms. Office cleaners may also be responsible for restocking supplies, such as paper towels and soap, and for ensuring that all cleaning equipment is properly maintained.

Good communication skills are important for office cleaners to effectively interact with supervisors and colleagues. They must also be able to follow directions, as the job requires detail-oriented work in order to ensure all areas of an office are cleaned properly. Depending on the size of a business, some office cleaners may need to be available for longer shifts or even overnight hours.Office cleaning can often involve dealing with hazardous materials such as bleach and other chemicals that require safety precautions when handling. Cleaners should have knowledge of safe disposal procedures and wear protective equipment when necessary in order to minimize risk. Office cleaners must also have good organizational skills so they can complete tasks efficiently while adhering to health and safety regulations in the workplace.

Other Responsibilities

Office cleaners may also be responsible for more specialized tasks such as waxing and polishing floors, windows, and furniture. They must have a good knowledge of safety precautions and the proper use of cleaning supplies to prevent accidents or injury. It is also important that office cleaners develop positive relationships with fellow staff members in order to complete their tasks efficiently and effectively.

Office cleaners must have a thorough knowledge of cleaning and sanitizing techniques. They should also be familiar with various types of flooring, furniture, and fixtures in order to properly care for them. Additionally, office cleaners need to know how to use basic equipment such as vacuums, mops, brooms, dusters and other cleaning materials. Office cleaners should also possess the physical strength necessary to lift heavy objects or furniture when needed. Finally, office cleaners must possess good organizational skills in order to keep track of their tasks and complete them efficiently.

Office Cleaners In Melbourne Job Benefits

  • The freedom to choose when to work according to your availability
  • Stable and consistent work, with good financial planning
  • Build meaningful relationships with your colleagues along the way, and always work with integrity
  • There are many opportunities for you to work at regular and on-going jobs
  • Multiple locations available in and around Melbourne
  • Management will support you in achieving your goals

Company’s Background

Whistle Clean Australia has been in the cleaning industry for seven years, providing high-quality services to small to large commercial clients throughout Melbourne. The company’s reputation for delivering quality service is supported by its commitment to environmental protection, as well as its dedication to satisfying customers and being socially responsible.

Whistle Clean is looking for driven, self-motivated individuals to join its management team. You will be joining a company that values your achievements and contributions, while also providing you with the support to achieve your goals.

Job Requirements

  • It’s preferred that the candidate should have previous experience in cleaning
  • To be considered for this position, you must possess the right to work in Australia
  • You must have access to a car or other motorized vehicle
  • You must be able to speak in English

Note: Applicants without their own transportation will not be considered for the position.

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