Plumbing Job Vacancy In Melbourne Australia

Plumbing job in Melbourne, Australia is essential for providing access to clean water and safe living conditions. They install, repair, and maintain water supply, drainage and gas systems in homes, businesses, and industries. Plumbing is a vital trade in any city or town, as it helps ensure people have the necessary resources for daily life.

Plumbing Job In Melbourne Details

LocationMelbourne, Australia
ExperienceWorked as a plumber before
Job RequirementRead below

Plumber Job Description

To attain a plumber’s license in Melbourne for plumbing job, one must finish a four year apprenticeship and receive a Certificate III in plumbing. This nationally acknowledged qualification verifies your capability as a plumber and allows you to apply for a plumbing permit from the Victorian Building Authority.
Plumbers in Melbourne could look forward to a competitive salary, with a high requirement for skilled plumbers in the city. According to Job Outlook from the Australian Government, the median salary for a plumber in Melbourne is $1,300 per week, which is greater than the median salary for this occupation in other cities of the country.


Responsibilities Of Plumbing Job In Melbourne

  • Candidates applying for this plumbing job might be responsible with the installation of plumbing systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. This involves setting up pipes, fixtures and other elements that form the plumbing system.
  • Plumbers are responsible for troubleshooting, fixing, and maintaining existing plumbing systems, including stopping leaks, replacing busted pipes, and fixing or replacing faulty fixtures.
  • They are also accountable for guaranteeing the safety of plumbing systems. This involves detecting gas leaks, upholding appropriate water pressure, and ensuring all fittings and pipes are securely fixed.


In conclusion, pursuing a career in plumbing in Melbourne can be highly rewarding and demanding, with the potential to work on various tasks and play a role in providing secure and reliable plumbing services. Whether you are eager to embrace this exciting professional pathway, Melbourne has plenty of plumbing job opportunities for talented and commited people.

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